I arrived in Lagos in the early evening of September 11th. Lagos is in the Algarve (meaning "West" but actually South coast of Portugal. The room I booked is on one of the old, medieval streets which make up much of the town. In fact the rear of the building appeared to abut the medieval city wall.

When I drove down the main street, that evening, I felt it was kind of a tourist trap, many bars, souvenir shops and such, but when I wandered around the town on foot the next day, I realized that is an exaggeration. While very dependent on tourism, it is actually a quite pleasant small (22,000 population) town which has kept its medieval flavor and has some interesting historical attractions.

It should be noted that at one point, Lagos was the center of the European slave trade. There is a small museum at the location of the slave trading center, but unfortunately it was closed for siesta when I got there.

The old town actually faces the marina, most of the beaches are on the other side which I did not have time to visit.