I left Cordoba shortly after noon on the 19th for the long drive to the outskirts of Valencia, where I would spend the night. The "Hotel Iris" near L'Eliana was in fact a rather funky motel, reminiscent of what one would find in rural areas of the United States in the 1950's.

There were several rows of simple rooms, the hot water in the shower worked marginally and they had some unusual "house rules", no food OR BEVERAGES in the rooms (I cheated).

But by far the most unusual thing was the wiring in the "breakfast room", apparently done by a plumber, not an electrician. Copper tubing as electrical conduit? And this device, apparently a voltage regulator or perhaps a dimmer for lights, with an open knife switch and tap switch. Let me tell you, I was careful not to touch any of it. Look at the photos. Weird!

With 20-20 hindsight I probably could have driven directly from Cordoba to Barcelona, an even longer ride but I was staying in a 'real' hotel near Barcelona with a 24 hour reception desk, and having an extra full day in Barcelona would have been worthwhile.