Welcome to the Photo Gallery
These photographs are of a "Memorial Musical Sendoff" held on September 12, 2014 in memory of Eddie Quarless.

Eddie was a highly talented musician: A composer, arranger and performer. He arranged the music for and/or performed on innumerable calypso and soca compositions. He arranged music for a great number of steelbands, in Trinidad, New York, and elsewhere. His principal instrument was the sax, but he also performed on the steel pan and keyboard as well as other instruments. He successfully bridged the gap from acoustic instruments to electronic. He programmed various synths, drum machines, and other MIDI devices, and produced recordings that were a mix of recorded acoustic tracks and electronically generated music.

Eddie was a dear personal friend of mine, I met him in 1995 at Moods Pan Groove. He introduced me to many of the talented musicians in Trinidad and New York. He also looked out for me and invited me to events he knew I would enjoy when I visited Trinidad. I will miss him greatly.

The "sendoff" was held at the Metro panyard in Brooklyn. It was organized by Tom and Sue, of D'Radoes and Jah Pan, and was attended by many of Eddie's friends and associates. These photographs are of a few of them.

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